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Year of release
This is another creative futuristic masterpiece from the Wachowski brothers. It continues on from The Matrix, with improved graphics and even more amazing battle scenes.

The Matrix crew have three days to stop the Machines from attacking the city of Zion and Neo must journey on a quest to save the city. Neo has now discovered how to fly but is he really 'the one' that win the war with the Machines as the Oracle suggested?

Neo is also dealing with a romantic attraction to fellow rebel crew member Trinity and tries to save her from a dream he has of her falling to her death. In many respects, this attraction is quite irrelevant to the film's plot. It is just an attempt to move attention away from the epic battles.

Australian Lord of the Rings actor Hugo Weaving is excellent in the mysterious role of Agent Smith, who has cloned himself and is an even more unbeatable enemy. Neo looks to be in even more trouble as Agent Smith's fighting abilities are even greater than ever before.

178 minutes
Production companies
NPV Entertainment
Silver Pictures
Village Roadshow Pictures
Warner Bros.
Censorship rating
UK 15
Free your mind.
Director Andy and Larry Wachowski
Neo Keanu Reeves
Morpheus Laurence Fishburne
Trinity Carrie-Ann Moss
Bane Ian Bliss
Power Station Guide Ray Anthony
Oracle Gloria Foster
Zee Nona Gaye
The Architect Helmut Bakaitis
Niobe Jada Smith
Agent Thompson Matt McColm
Agent Smith Hugo Weaving
Agent Johnson Daniel Burnhardt
Producer Joel Silver