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Natalie Simon, played by Two Weeks Notice's Alicia Witt, is attractive and successful college student, who takes folklore at the remote New England university of Pendleton. Her teacher Professor Rexler teaches her class many urban legends.

The film is about when those same urban legends play out upon those she knows or have ties to and she gets worried. It turns out she's in the middle of a killer's own gruesome urban legend, but no one believes her.

Among those who are involved in this scary urban legend are Boston Public's Loretta Devine as a security guard who refuses to believe Natalie, Beverly Hills 90210 regular Rebbecca Gayheart as best firend Brenda, composer and actor Jared Leto as desperate journalist Paul, Michael Rosenbaum of Lex Luthor fame on Smallville as out-going Park Riley, and Dawson's Creek's Joshua Jackson as Damon Brooks, whose scary pranks causes a calling-wolf situation.

By Michael Sergel.

99 mins
Production companies
Canal Droits Audiovisuels
Original Film
Phoenix Pictures
Censorship rating
France 12
Sweden 15
What you don't believe can kill you!
Director Jamie Blanks
Writers Silvio Horta
Natalie Simon Alicia Witt
Brenda Bates Rebecca Gayheart
Reese Wilson Loretta Devine
Paul Gardener Jared Leto
Parker Riley Michael Rosenbaum
Daman Brooks Joshua Jackson
Sasha Thomas Tara Reid
Professor Rexler Robert Englund
Producers Gina Mathews, Michael McDonnell, Neal Moritz, Brad Luff, Brian Leslie Parker
Cinematographor James Chressanthis
Music Paula Cole, Christopher Young
Editors Jay Cassidy