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Scary Movie is the most untraditional horror film. In fact, its more of a satire comedy.

The 90's film and youth cults are all obsessively ridiculed in the first of this satire series. Victims of ridicule range from American Pie to Titanic, Scream to The Blair Witch Project, Dawson's Creek to The Sixth Sense and even the famous Matrix fighting style. It presents teachers as careless, lazy and depressed, and the police force as a totally unprepared and inadequate service that fails to even attempt to act.

One would be greatly challenged to place more spoofs in one movie and still have a plot. That plot is a tale of a group of teenagers who 'accidentally' hit a man on the road one Halloween. He gets up and walks away from the teenagers, who are arguing among themselves about whether to tell the police or not. In their attempts to hide the evidence they really do slowly kill the man and simply make the situation worse. Cindy, the good-girl among them, cannot move on from that frightening night. Greg, another member of the group, suggests its a coincidence. Then Greg's girlfriend, Buffy, makes the ironic suggestion, "...what do you think we're in, a horror movie?" Cindy's reply, "Yeah, you guys are right. If we were, they'd probably cast some dingbat like Jennifer Love Huge Tits to play me."

And the constant ridicule of the movie itself, along with its stars and its crew, continue throughout the movie. Cindy tells her boy friend Bobby that it isn't a movie, but Bobby disagrees. "It's all a movie, baby. There's the sound guy. There's the script supervisor..."

By the end of the movie the whole gang of teenagers, among others, have been killed, either by a black masked figure who knows of the teenagers' 'accident' and who creeps up on them with a knife, or by the teenagers themselves. None of them take death seriously, as if it is just something you do everyday. That, perhaps, is because this scary movie just isn't scary.

88 mins
Production companies
Dimension Films
Gold Miller Productions
Wayan Bros.
Censorship rating
Australia MA
No mercy. No shame. No sequel.
Director Keenen Wayans
Screenplay Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayons, Buddy Johnson, Phil Beauman, Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer
Cindy Anna Feris
Buffy Shannon Elizabeth
Shorty Marlon Wayans
Bobby Joe Abrahams
Ray Wilkins Shawn Wayans
Deputy Goofy Dave Sheridon
Greg Lochlyn Munro
Brenda Regina Hall