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Spin Doctors is a satire show that displays political decisions and teases influential people in an entertaining manner. The fictional public relations firm has a number of important clients that represent New Zealand businesses and political parties that have changed society or made headlines.

The characters that make up the company are all disrespectful and struggle to get on well. Arguments are common, and vengeance is taken out on clients far too often. The company is split into two teams, and a war of words and deceit often take place between the two sides.

By Michael Sergel.

30 Minutes
Production companies
Klasky Csupo
Censorship rating
Giles O'Connor John Summer

The boss. A former journalist and host of a 1980's current affairs show. Began the company and owns 49% of it. Dreams of being a politician or returning to current affairs. Robyn Mills is his very loyal personal assistant.

Liz Brash Elizabeth Hawthorn

If weren't for Andrew, Liz would be Giles business partner. She is out-going, and her egotistical nature ensures she always cares about her appearance.

Kevin Handy John Leigh

Very intellectual and philosophical. A failure without Giles guidance, particularly following the sad anniversary of September 11. Personally, I consider him to be the most ethical of the lot. Great at research and statistics. Even better at making them sound good news when they are not. And feels guilty about getting paid.

Ron Bayliss Patrick Wilson

Sports fanatic. Persuasively corruptive. All Black who played for about 25 minutes spread over a number of games.

Robyn Mills Margaret Blay
Andrew Couch Mark Ferguson

The ruthless and unethical representative of the Australian company that owns 51% of O'Connor and Associates. Responsible for watching over Giles. Has great control over the company.

Melissa Swann Michelle Langston

Treated like the rubbish pit for unwanted clients. A piece of furniture. Inexperienced in public relations, willing to express herself, and tries to bring morals to the company. But not to Andrew.

Hineroa Kopu Kayte Ferguson

She wants to be Prime Minister. She has law qualifications she never wishes to use. Best described in one word... aggressive. She is looked upon as an important asset in attracting Mäori clients.

Ming Yee Li-Ming Hu

Receptionist. Able, though more likely picked for appearance. Wants her own client, preferably a young and fashionable client from the music industry.