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Year of release
For seven years this ABC comedy show has shown the administration of the big apple’s imaginary mayor, Randall Winston, whose brain has less academic and physical capabilities than a small apple, let alone a big one. That is why he needs an administration.

The Deputy Mayor, originally Mike Flaherty, and later the very similar Charlie Crawford, has to lead a group of stupid idiots at City Hall who must protect the mayor from everything in life – and most especially the media.

Mike Flaherty, played to Michael J. Fox, seems to have an obsession with the ridicule of others and has a particular strength in that field. Every season he has a new girlfriend: more as a result of actors leaving the crew than a deliberate characteristic given to Mike. Charlie Crawford continues to try and be competitive to Caitlin Moore and continues to find himself in the same strife as Mike, but doesn’t have quite the same wit as him. Both Deputy Mayors are attracted to Caitlin, though they show it in constant ridicule and competitiveness.

Caitlin is the mayor’s campaign leader, and is part of a useless City Hall team that also includes Carter Haywood, head of minority affairs, Stuart Bondack, Chief of State and Paul Lassider, the press secretary.

By Michael Sergel.

30 Minutes
Production companies
Dream Works SCG
Lottery Hill Entertainment
Ubu Productions
Censorship rating
Original Music Keitch Strachan, Matthew Strachan
UK Host Chris Tarrant
USA Hosts Regis Philbin, Meredith Vieira
Australia Host Eddie McGuire
Philippines Host Christopher De Leon
Hong Kong Host Ken Chan
India Host Amitabh Bachchan
UK Directors Jonathon Bullen, Ian Hamilton, Claire Michel, Patricia Mordecai
USA Director Mark Gentile, Matthew Cohen
Australia Directors Gary Newnham, Peter Ots