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Year of release
'Happy-go-lucky' is the description given to SpongeBob Squarepants, though gullible-go-unlucky would be a more accurate account. SpongeBob is a square sponge who enjoys grill-frying fatty hamburgers at the underwater fast food restaurant Krustry Krab, jelly-fishing from the somewhat dangerous Jellyfish Fields, or playing with newspaper rubber bands and television packaging with his best friend Patrick Star.

Patrick is probably the funniest and certainly the most stupid character in this cartoon. This thick-headed, pink starfish means what he says when he pronounces in an ignorant voice that "dumb people are usually unaware of how dumb they really are." Patrick's large size, which together with his bare hairy chest is often said to disturb fellow citizens, is the result of heavy consumption of SpongeBob's Krabby patties and ice creams.

There are two ladies in SpongeBob's life. Firstly, his girlfriend Sandy, an adventurous surfing squirrel from Texas who has chosen an underwater lifestyle. Secondly, SpongeBob's driving instructor Mrs. Puff who must put up with her student's obvious lack of ability.

Then who can forget the long-suffering neighbour and colleague to SpongeBob, an squid named Squidward. This creature has a true appreciation for clarinet music and fine art. He is a creature of high class that would never do anything immature or out of the ordinary and enjoys insulting others. Despite his feeling of superiority over others he still shows a subtle appreciation for the ignorance that is submitted to him by SpongeBob and Patrick.

Spongebob's boss, the money-hungry Mr. Krabs who owns the Krusty Krab, lives only for making money. His underpays his employees, sometimes even providing them with a negative wage, and is even more brutal with his customers. His first banknote and his first dime are his most prized possessions.

Movie due out 2004.

By Michael Sergel.

30 minutes
Production companies
Nicktoons Productions
United Plankton Productions
Censorship rating
New Zealand G
Creator Stephen Hillilenburg
Director Sherm Cohen
Writers Regis Philbin, Meredith Vieira
SpongeBob's Father
Patchy Pirate
Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Christopher De Leon
Eugene Krabs Amitabh Bachchan
Squidward Tentacles
Roger Bumpass
Pearl Krabs Lori Alan
Larry the Lobster
Doug Lawrence