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Year of release
This is an interesting concept: a television series that follows the Rugrats characters ten years later as teenagers. It is a good distraction from the question facing the Rugrats babies as Tommy nears his second birthday.

It is a bit uncreative in its approach, setting the characters as reasonably similar to what they were before and showing very little natural change over the ten-year period.

Angelica Pickles and Susie Carmichael are 13-year-old singing-obsessed teenagers that seem similar to Taina and Martiza on the unpopular Nickelodeon show Taina. Kimi gets on very well with Susie despite the two year age difference, perhaps contrary to everyday life.

Tommy is obviously eleven years old and is obviously still best friends with Chuckie. You'd think they'd introduce some other characters to the mix, perhaps some others the same age as Tommy, but the best they could do was Phil and Lil Deville struggling to find their identity and spend less time around each other.

Dil is a weird creature who is a nine-year-old annoying brother to Tommy, a friend to Phil and surprisingly excepting of Angelica, contrary to the strong disgust for Angelica as a new-born baby in Rugrats.

Oh yeah, and there's no surprise Chuckie is a scared geek trying to be daring and failing. He is just like his father.

30 minutes
Production companies
Klasky Csupo
Censorship rating
General Audiences
Growing up changes everything.
Tommy Pickles Elizabeth Daily
Angelica Pickles Cheryl Chase
Chuckie Finster Nancy Cartwright
Dil Pickles Tara Strong
Phil/Lil Deville Kathie Soucie
Kimi Finster Dionne Quan
Susie Carmichael Cree Summer