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Star Wars: Episode 4: A New Hope (1977)
Review Cast
Many have memories of this very successful movie when it entered the cinema in 1977. The movie has often been considered perhaps the best or most popular, though opinion and fact are two different things.

The movie features the Empire building the Death Star, with the rebels forced to remove the plans from Empire grasp to prevent the Death Star to be fully completed. With the plans, they will be able to identify any weak points, and use them as targets when destroying the Death Star.

If they are not successful, many civilians will die as non-Empire planets are destroyed. The innocent who choose not to join the evil Empire will suffer and be eliminated. The Empire will have entire control and domination. This is a future everyone dreads. A future that appears very likely.

Fighting for the Empire's dark side is Darth Vader and Moff Tarkin, while for the rebel's light side the 'good' guys of the movie include Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo, Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi and the adorable Chewy, C3PO and R2D2.

The set and technical tricks used in the movie were top-class, causing the graphics and other aspects of the movie to be ahead of their time. The movie was, in fact, one of the most successful the box office has ever seen.

It is a film classic we will never forget. Good vs. Evil. Dark vs. Light. Empire vs. Rebels. Who will win?

By Michael Sergel

Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker
Harrison Ford Han Solo
Carrie Fisher Princess Leia Organa
Peter Cushing Grand Moff Tarkin
Alec Guinness Obi-Wan Kenobi
Anthony Daniels C-3P0
Kenny Baker R2-D2
Peter Mayhew Chewbacca
David Prowse Darth Vader
James Earl Jones Voice of Darth Vader
Phil Brown Owen Lars
Shelagh Fraser Beru Lars
Jack Purvis Chief Jawa
Alex Mccrindle General Dodonna
Eddie Byrne General Willard
Richard Marquand Director
Howard Kazanjian Producer
George Lucas Writer / Executive Producer


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