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:: Review
On first observation, The 13th Warrior appears boring and depressing. The dim light and quiet voices make up the introduction, yet the numerous events that occur in the introduction are vital to understanding the more exciting aspects of the movie.

Following the somewhat tiresome introduction, the movie reveals itself to be worthwhile, pushing the boundaries of such movies, although it was expensive to produce. It also aims to present the story in a serious manner yet still featuring some humorous aspects.

Ahmad Ibn Fadlan is a Arab diplomat, but after falling in love with the wife of a man of great power, he is sent to Norse territory, and enjoys their hospitality, until they are attacked. A phrophecy states that the thirteenth warrior must be of a distant land if they are to succeed, and so he must join a party of twelve. A party that will attempt to destroy the mysterious nemesis.

Ahmad is no warrior. It is only as the story progresses that he discovers his capabilities, and grows to be a warrior. His talents with a sword may not be great, but when given a large knife he is almost undefeated. The group of thirteen must battle the forces of strange cannabalistic half-men, resembling monkeys. Their poor manners and strange nature are their most obvious characteristics. Diversions and distractions that must be overcome.


:: Cast
Ahmad Ibn Fadlan :: Antonio Banderas
Buliwyf :: Vladimir Kulich
Herger the Joyous :: Dennis Stqrhoi
Edgtho the Silent :: Daniel Southern
Wealth the Musician :: Tony Curran
Skeld the Superstitious :: Richard Bremmers
Halga the Wise :: Ashjqurn Riis
Rethel the Archer :: Mischa Hausserman
Hyglak the Quarrelsome :: Albie Woodington
Helfdane the Large :: Clive Russell
Haltaf the Boy :: Oliver Sveinall
King Rothgar :: Sven Wolter
Olga :: Maria Bonneive
Ragnar :: John DeSantis
Melchisidek :: Omar Shariff
Queen Weilew :: Diane Vernora
King Hrothgar :: Sven Wollter
Wigliff (King Hrothgar's son) :: Anders T. Anderson


:: Crew
Producer :: Jerry Goldsmith
Special Effects :: Kate Harrington
Distributor :: Touchstone Pictures
Editor :: John Wright
Casting :: Pat McCorkle
Stunts :: Brent Woolsey
Visual Effects :: John Sullivan
Condutor :: Jerry Goldsmith